Page 124. " time to prepare for First Confession and First Communion "
First Communion
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFirst Communion - Credit: Brian Harrington Spier

Traditionally, children make their First Confession when they are seven or eight, a week before their First Communion.   They should attend Mass every Sunday after receiving First Communion.  If they do not or if they commit a mortal sin, they must go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion again.

Page 124. " to know and remember all the questions and answers in the catechism "

The catechism is the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is usually given in question and answer form, the answers to be memorised.  The word 'catechism' was first used in the sixteenth century.

Page 125. " Ever after his father calls him Cyclops "
Creative Commons AttributionCyclops - Credit: Deror avi

In Greek mythology, the Cyclops were one-eyed giants, children of Uranus and Gaea.  Because of their frightening appearance, they were kept in the ocean depths until released by Zeus.  They rewarded Zeus by giving him the present of thunder and lightning.