Page 205. " dark forever and no hope of escape even on the Judgement Day. "
Judgement Day
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJudgement Day - Credit: Rama

Judgement Day, according to Christian belief, will come after the Resurrection of the Dead and the Second Coming.  It is when God will make his final judgement on mankind.  This concept is found not only in the Christian faith, but also in Judaism and Islam.

Page 211. " We have to know all about Sanctifying Grace, a pearl of great price "
St Peter with the Keys of Heaven C18th Greek Icon
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It is believed by the Roman Catholic Church that Sanctifying Grace will make the soul holy, that is, place it in a state of grace.  On dying, these souls will pass into purgatory or go straight to heaven.  If a mortal sin is committed, they lose this state of supernatural grace.


Page 211. " We call him Quasimodo because he has a hump on his back like the one on the hunchback of Notre Dame, whose real name we know is Charles Laughton "

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was a film made in 1939, based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo.  Charles Laughton played the part of the hunchback, Quasimodo.


Page 217. " I know it's Extreme Unction and that means I'm going to die and I don't care. "
Extreme Unction Roger van der Weyden 1445
Public DomainExtreme Unction Roger van der Weyden 1445
Extreme Unction or Last Rites is given to comfort and strengthen those who are seriously ill.  Penance is part of the rite, followed by the Eucharist.

These are the words of the Sacrament:

Through this Holy Unction or oil, and through the great goodness of His mercy, may God pardon thee whatever sins thou hast committed by evil use of sight (sight, hearing, smell, taste and speech, touch ability to walk).

Page 220. " You could be reading The Little Messenger of the Sacred Heart that's beside your bed. "

Founded by Fr Paul Cullen in 1888, "The Messenger of the Sacred Heart" had a circulation of 73,000 by 1904.  It was distributed by volunteers recruited by priests, teachers, housewives and farmers and in this way it reached the most remote parts of the country. These volunteers often continued through subsequent generations.

The readership today is over 300,000. 

Page 222. " The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees "

Dick Turpin
Public DomainDick Turpin
The poem Patricia reads to Frank is "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes (1880-1958).