New York
Brooklyn Bridge
Public DomainBrooklyn Bridge

Angela's Ashes starts in Brooklyn, New York, where Angela and Malachy meet.

The McCourt family return to Ireland in 1934, when Frank is four.  Their last view of New York is the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty
Creative Commons AttributionThe Statue of Liberty - Credit: William Warby
Limerick, Ireland
St John's Castle, Limerick
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSt John's Castle, Limerick

Malachy claims the River Shannon is responsible for "all the dampness in the world and killing us one by one." 




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Carrigogunnell Castle
Carrigogunnell Castle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCarrigogunnell Castle - Credit: Russ Davies

The ruins of Carrigogunnell Castle where Frank sat on the highest wall and dreamt of the day he'd sail to America.


Map of Ireland
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMap of Ireland - Credit: Andrein