"After dinner Lucy and I played Splash"

Public DomainSPLASH!
SPLASH! is a now vintage 'leap frog' board game for two players created by J W Spear & Sons Ltd, Enfield.

Instructions: Both players sit opposite one another, each placing a large water-lily leaf in front of them, with six smaller leaves spaced out in between.

Players have four numbered frogs (of one colour) and must try to be the first to transfer these from their own 'base leaf' to their opponent's.

The number on each frog dictates the amount of 'leaps' it can make on a turn.

As in Ludo, players can move only one frog at a time during their 'go' but may have more than one frog in play throughout the game.

Again, as in the more familiar Ludo board game, frogs must not land on the same place/leaf as another frog and must instead leap over it to the next free leaf.

Only if the last leap which can be made means jumping onto a leaf with another frog on it, can the leaping frog knock its opponent off that leaf. Also, if the last leap means jumping over a number of occupied adjacent leaves and the first leaf of the next set is also occupied, then the jumper can choose to dispel their opponent from the leaf.

All frogs knocked off their leaves must return to their 'base leaf' and begin the crossing again. To do so counts as a player's turn and can be taken when they wish.

The winner is the first to get all four frogs onto their opponent's base leaf and they can do so by making the full number of leaps available to them on their turn or less if necessary.