"James Joyce is living just off the rue de Grenelle"

Another esteemed writer gracing the pages of LMS’s journal is Dubliner James Joyce, arguably most famous for ‘Ulysses’ – a literary mountain many have tried to conquer…

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882-1941) wrote both novels and poetry, although like many writers, he too turned his hand to occasional journalism and wrote many published letters.

Amongst his well known and loved novels are ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’, ‘Dubliners’, ‘Finnegans Wake’ and of course, ‘Ulysses’. Joyce made his name by creating literature depicting a stream of consciousness – a remarkable achievement, but one which continues to confound some readers, such is its quite literal representation of a stream of thoughts as they pass through his character’s mind!

Dublin remained in Joyce’s heart, despite his soujourns away from his home city and this love of Dublin is reflected in his work. Indeed, Joyce wrote from Zurich, from Paris, from Italy... about Dublin (he emigrated to Europe in his twenties) and all with intense accuracy and realism. 

James Joyce was the eldest son of a lower-middle class Dublin family - one of ten children (two others had died of typhoid). He could be described as being a rather top class student at the Jesuit schools he attended and later at University College in Dublin.

Moving to Paris to study medicine upon graduation, things could have turned out very differently in the life of James Joyce if he had not found the French lectures a little over his head...