"He pointed out William Gerhardi to me"

  William Gerhardi (1895-1977) was a British novelist with a particular preoccupation…the paranormal.

Born and educated in Russia, Gerhardi went on to study in Kensington and then Oxford, London and wrote a number of novels throughout his literary life, including Futility (1922), The Polyglots (1925), Pending Heaven (1930), Resurrection (1934), Of Mortal Love (1937), My Wife's the Least of It (1938), and This Present Breath (4 vols., 1975).

Playwriting was also part of Gerhardi’s repertoire, along with short stories. However, he was hugely intrigued by the paranormal, which the eagle eyed might have picked up on when reading his work. As someone who very much lived a nomadic lifestyle however, many of Gerhardi’s friends did not know of his interest, which comes to the fore in his novel ‘Resurrection’ – a tale which refers to his own outer body experience…