"I golfed at Gullane and Muirhead with a friend of Angus from the city, Ian Fleming."
Ian Fleming oil painting
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeIan Fleming oil painting - Credit: Constance Vlahoulis

Ian Lancaster Fleming (1908-1964) is the well known author of the James Bond novels, which later transferred to the silver screen with great success. He was also the creator of another famous story -  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which he wrote for his only son, Caspar.

Fleming's literary career didn't take off until 1952 - before then, he worked at the Reuters news agency and was a stockbroker.

During WW2 he took on the role of  assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence in the Admiralty in London, as LMS indicates.

Afterwards, Fleming became the foreign manager of a collection of foreign correspondents.