"Nothing but the Royal Crisis in the newspapers"
Abdication Act 1936
Public DomainAbdication Act 1936 - Credit: Edward VII

The 'Royal Crisis' was of course, the abdication of the short-reigning King/Emperor Edward VIII in 1936.

Choosing to wed his American socialite, Wallis Simpson rather than retain rule of the UK and India, a constitutional crisis was subsequently caused in the British Empire. Opposed to the marriage was, quite frankly, everyone – the UK governments and also the autonomous Dominions of the British Commonwealth.

The King’s scandal evoked moral outrage, political, legal and…religious, for as Head of the Church of England, which did not permit marriage to someone whose ex-spouses were still alive, it did not look good.

Nevertheless, love, for the King, prevailed and he followed his heart and abdicated his right to rule in December 1936, becoming simply, His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor. He married in 1937.