"Sir Harry Oakes has been murdered"

The date was July 8, 1943 - Sir Harry Oakes, multi-millionaire, gold miner, philanthropist and quite frankly, akin to a king in the Bahamas where he lived, was found murdered at his mansion.

He had been alone that night at home - his family vacationing elsewhere  - his friend Harold Christie the only other in residence at the time. Indeed, he allegedly slept soundly in the nextdoor guest room during the fatal attack...there was of course a summer thunderstorm in full flow on that particular night.

Chinese screen
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeChinese screen - Credit: Корзун Андрей (Kor!An)

Sir Harry's body was found partly burnt, with four indentations on the side of his head - feathers from his pillow strewn around the scene of the crime - perhaps indicative of the struggle which surely must have taken place.

Areas of his home had also been set on fire and in Sir Harry's room, a Chinese screen near his bed, also partially burnt, showed blood and smudged prints...