"everyone says it was Harold Christie"

Harold Christie was Sir Harry's close friend and business associate - he worked as a prominent estate agent in the Bahamas. On the night of Sir Harry's murder, Christie claimed he heard nothing that night except the thunderstorm. Indeed, this woke him up for a short time, but not, seemingly, the last breaths of his friend... How so, when he was only in the next room, many asked?

Christie became a key witness in the subsequent murder trial. He kept to his story and told the court on the night of Sir Harry's death, a group which had gathered for a soiree at the house had left by 11pm and he had subsequently gone to sleep. He found Sir Harry's body the next morning when he went to ask him about breakfast. The story goes that he actually didn't realise at first that his friend was dead and tried to give him some water to drink as well as wiping some of the blood from his face.

Many mismatched accounts however, emerged throughout the trial, including claims that Christie had been seen out and about on the night of Sir Harry's murder - around midnight a police officer said he had seen Christie driving a truck. His car was parked quite some way away from Sir Harry's house. Why?

Another witness said they had seen Christie with another man at Nassau harbour that night. True or a case of mistaken identity? The confusion reigned.

A more sinister side to Christie also revealed itself in his apparent association with the Mafia... He was allegedly acquainted with a mobster called Frank Marshall, who had a direct link to the Mafia boss - Charles 'Lucky' Luciano. Did Sir Harry's death come on his command? Christie wanted to turn the Bahamas into a lucrative tourism empire, with golf course and hotels and Marshall wanted to use Christie's links with Sir Harry and the Duke of Windsor to get around the legislation prohibiting the construction of casinos on the islands, something that Sir Harry was apparently, not in favour of...