"taken Arlene and Gail for a walk in Central Park"
Central Park
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCentral Park - Credit: Ed Yourdon from New York City, USA

Central Park is as mighty a landmark in New York as any of the city’s skyscrapers.

Located in Manhattan, the landscaped park was born out of a need for the populace to enjoy respite from busy city life back in the 1800s. Although now a well cared for and maintained outdoor area, (it is actually a National Historic Landmark) Central Park was less appreciated when it was initially established and had to be saved from neglect and disrepair before becoming the gem of New York it is today – used by just about every section of society.

Walkers, skaters (ice and board), horse-riders and runners are just some of those who enjoy Central Park. It boasts lakes and ponds for boating, bridle paths, plenty of paths and recreational areas for playing baseball and other sports. It also includes the Central Park Zoo, along with the native bird and squirrel wildlife which runs free on a daily basis.

Enclosed childrens’ playgrounds and amphitheatres also feature, attracting countless crowds as they pass through.