"saw the hypodermic syringe of the Chrysler Building"


The Chrysler Building at night
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Chrysler Building at night - Credit: David Shankbone


The beautiful Art Deco façade of the Chrysler Building is immediately recognisable with its aforementioned ‘needle’ top, which at night, is illuminated to great glittering effect.

Although it was once the world’s highest building, the Empire State Building stole the Chrysler’s crown in 1931…

Empire State Building, New York City, 1932
Public DomainEmpire State Building, New York City, 1932 - Credit: Samuel Herman Gottscho (1875-1971)

Home to the Chrysler Corporation between 1930 to the mid 1950s, the Chrysler Building was never actually owned by the car company and has had several owners over the years.

Looking to the actual architecture of the Chrysler Building, it goes without saying that it was based on the cars after which it was named.

Eagles edge the corners of the 61st floor, which themselves, ornamented the 1929 Chrysler car hoods, whilst the 31st floor is cornered with caps – 1929 radiator caps to be precise…

Any onlooker will note the myriad gleaming windows which wink in the sunlight – there are a total 3,862 to clean.

A favourite of New Yorkers and indeed visitors to the great city, Manhattan’s Chrysler Building is a designated National Historic Landmark.

The public once enjoyed the pleasure of a viewing gallery on the Chrysler’s 71st floor, but this unfortunately closed in 1945.