"the casurinas, the guava, the cotton tree, the avocado, the frangipani"

Casuarinas are evergreen shrubs and trees with woody, oval-shaped fruits, which grow in warm climates. They can reach 35 metres in height.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCasuarina - Credit: Atamari

Guavas,or pomegranates, take

Apple Guava
Public DomainApple Guava - Credit: PD-USGOV-INTERIOR-USGS.
myriad different forms, with around 100 species of the plant inexistence…the most common however, is the Apple Guava. They are tropical shrubs and tiny trees.

The pear-shaped avocado is popularly grown and eaten throughout the world…


The avocado
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe avocado - Credit: B.navez

Meanwhile, Plumeria (common name Frangipani) refers to deciduous shrubs and small trees, commonly found in hot climates.

Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers at Constantia, South Africa
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePlumeria (Frangipani) flowers at Constantia, South Africa - Credit: Maciej Soltynski

The plants have spine-tingling associations however in the Philippines and Indonesia, where the populace associate them with ghosts and graveyards...

As a result, Frangipani are very often planted on cemetery grounds in both countries.

The flowers release a potent night-time fragrance to attract the sphinx moths, which pollinate the plant.