"the Pecksniff family's trip to London in Martin Chuzzlewit"
Cover of serial,
Public DomainCover of serial, "Martin Chuzzlewitt" by Charles Dickens.(1843) - Credit: Chapman and Hall

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit is a book by Charles Dickens.

Mr. Pecksniff and his daughters
Public DomainMr. Pecksniff and his daughters - Credit: Solomon Eytinge Jr. (1833-1905)

The picaresque novel paints a satirical picture of a lower class rogue/hero who gets by on his wits despite the undesirable state of the society he lives in. The key theme throughout is selfishness, as portrayed via the various Chuzzlewit family members.

The story, which like most of Dickens’ work was published in monthly instalments, pleased the author. Indeed, he considered it one of his best works, but it was not so well received by his readers.

Seth Pecksniff is a particularly hypocritical figure, an architect "who has never designed or built anything".