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Page 80. " On the train from Paris to Biarritz "

The capital and largest city in France, Paris epitomises culture and artistic style. Perched on the banks of the River Seine, the northern-based city has many notable landmarks, including the Pont des Artes (Bridge of Arts), seen in the photograph and the Pont Neuf (New Bridge), located behind it.

Also in the picture is the French Institute, on the right, at the end of the Pont des Artes. The famous Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral towers are seen in the distance behind these landmarks.


Paris panorama
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeParis panorama - Credit: Benh LIEU SONG

Of great significance in the history of Paris was the Industrial Revolution in the 1840s, which changed the face of the city forever.

South-western Biarritz meanwhile, is just a five-hour train journey from the capital and is similarly famous, but for its beautiful coastline rather than artistic architecture. A surfer’s paradise, the large town of Biarritz remains an intensely popular holiday destination today. 


Grande Plage, Biarritz
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGrande Plage, Biarritz - Credit: Jaakko Sakari Reinikainen (ulayiti)