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Page 100. " in Paris with Ben, then Vichy - Lyons - Grenoble - Geneva. Then to Hyeres "

Vichy is famous for the alleged healing powers of its thermal springs, the result of the various dormant volcanoes in and around the area. The city enjoyed a surge of visitors during the 1930s, who all flocked to use the thermal baths.

Vichy city hall
Public DomainVichy city hall - Credit: User:thbz

Meanwhile, the Art Nouveau-style Opéra attracted all the key musical players to the venue and for music in France, Vichy was the place to be.

During the Second World War Vichy was occupied by the Nazi Germans (between 1940-1944).

Lyons is located in the Rhône-Alpes area, between Paris and Marseille, and is an established UNESCO World Heritage site. It is famous for food, silk and cinema, amongst many other things…

Grenoble lies nestled at the base of the French Alps and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Key sites include the ancient Bastille fortifications, which offer great views of the area, the Palace of the Parliament of Dauphiné, the Museum of Grenoble and the Archaeological museum of Saint-Laurent.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGrenoble - Credit: Simdaperce

Meanwhile, Geneva is Switzerland’s second most populated city and is at the epi-centre of finance and diplomacy. It houses the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross and is where the Geneva Conventions were signed.

Geneva views
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGeneva views - Credit: MadGeographer

Hyères is located in the provence of Toulon and includes the Castle of Saint Bernard, perched upon a hill.

Hyeres castle
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHyeres castle - Credit: Denis Biette

Between the old town and the sea lies the pine-covered hill of Costebelle, which overlooks the peninsula of Giens.