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Meteora, central Greece
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMeteora, central Greece - Credit: Takeaway at the English language Wikipedia

Philosophy, the Olympic Games, gods, godesses, literature, art and architecture... all this and more makes up the creatively rich country known as Greece/Hellas - the Hellenic Republic.

Ancient Greece and the remnants of it, still feature prominently when it comes to the Grecian lifestyle and the same was of course true when LMS would have visited.

Home to Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssy, Greece enjoyed the talents of many major literary figures. From the ancient period of Greek literature to the Byzantine and then modern, a number of great works originated from the country, which was to shape literature as we now know it in the western world.

Greece is also synonymous with philosophy, with great thinkers such as Plato and Socrates making their mark during their own lifetime and far beyond.Those who came before Socrates, were known as 'Presocratics', although very little of their work has survived down through the ages.

Although images of sunny beaches may come to mind first, the mainland of Greece is in fact mostly mountainous, the highest mountain being Mount Olympus, which stands at  2,917m (9,570 ft).

With the twelfth longest coastline in the world however, Greece does of course boast beautiful scenery, (including beaches!) with a scattering of idyllic islands, including Crete, the Cyclades and many others.

Geographically, Turkey lies to its east, with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north.The coast has also played an important role in the Grecian economy over the years, with a high reliance on the country's shipping industry.