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OXFORD, 1920s
General view and High Street, Oxford, England between 1890(1890) and 1900
Public DomainGeneral view and High Street, Oxford, England between 1890(1890) and 1900 - Credit: Photoglob Zürich, reprinted by Detroit Publishing Co

Oxford in the 1920s was a University town of course, but also a car town. The development and subsequent success of the Morris Motor Company nicely balanced the scholarly world of the colleges.


1927 Morris Cowley
Public Domain1927 Morris Cowley - Credit: Arpingstone










The city is filled with historic buildings and beautiful greenery, numerous popular walks and parks. The Botanic Garden is the oldest in Britain. Such scenic surroundings prompted the poet Matthew Arnold to describe Oxford as the ‘city of dreaming spires'.


Radcliffe Camera, Oxford
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRadcliffe Camera, Oxford - Credit: DAVID ILIFF

The University of Oxford comprises 44 colleges and private halls. There are more than 100 libraries housing countless tomes and volumes, but the largest is the Bodleian library system, which includes 40 libraries in all. The iconic Radcliffe Camera is its most striking architectural manifestation.

Official academic dress would still have been a requirement in LMS's day. It was only during the 1960s that the practice of wearing it full-time started to fade out.

Oxford was very much a literary university, with Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien all recent alumni.

Oxford will always be renowned for grandeur – in architecture, academia and atmosphere – a truly impressive place.


Tom Quad, Christchurch in the snow
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTom Quad, Christchurch in the snow - Credit: Toby Ord