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OSUN, NIGERIA (1965-1971)
Osun river in Osogbo - Osun state, Nigeria,Africa
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOsun river in Osun state, Nigeria - Credit: Alex Mazzeto - Jurema Oliveira (talk) 18:13, 16 November 2009 (UTC)

Osun, named after the River Osun, is a land-locked state in the southwest of Nigeria. Its capital is Osogbo.

Osun State University comprises six different campuses, including ‘Ikire’ – perhaps the one William Boyd has in mind when he sends LMS to lecture at ‘Ikiri’ University. The six campuses are located at Osogbo, Okuku, Ikire, Ejigbo, Ifetedo, and Ipetu-Ijesha.

Nigeria is a vast country, irrigated by the River Niger. It is rich in biodiversity, with coastal plains, tropical rainforest, swamp and savannah.

The country is also very rich in oil, which has been a source of great conflict and corruption for many years.

The official language of Nigeria is English (along with Yorùbá – a Niger-Congo language.)




Naira notes
Public DomainNaira notes - Credit: Chippla Vandu

The currency changed from the old Pounds, Shillings and Pence system (£sd) to Naira (NGN) in 1973 – the last country to abandon the old currency system. LMS lived in Nigeria from 1969 until 1975, so would have experienced the use of both. Two Naira subsequently equalled £1.





Political map of the 36 States of Nigeria
GNU Free Documentation LicensePolitical map of the 36 States of Nigeria - Credit: Domenico-de-ga, translated and adapted by xandar