"the elaborately patterned Savonnière carpet"
Louvre Grand Gallery Savonnerie carpet 1670 -1685
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLouvre Grand Gallery Savonnerie carpet 1670 -1685 - Credit: PHGCOM

Savonnerie was a highly prestigious European maker of knotted-pile carpets, the height of fashion  between 1650 and 1685.  The carpet manufacturer was established in a former soap factory (French savon) near Paris in 1615, by Pierre DuPont.  In 1627, Louis XIII granted DuPont a monopoly, with a patent of eighteen years, to manufacture carpets façon de Turquie ("in the manner of Turkey.")  The carpets were made of wool, with some silk in the smaller details, knotted using the Ghiordes or Turkish knot.  Until 1768, these carpets remained exclusively the property of the Crown. Savonnerie carpets were among the grandest of French diplomatic gifts.