Page 215. " For a brief time it was Petrograd "

 Saint Petersburg is a city in Russia, the second largest after Moscow.  In 1914, the name of the city was changed to Petrograd.  When Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, the city was renamed Leningrad. 

The city's name reverted back to Saint Petersburg in 1991.  It is now an important cultural centre.  Its museum of art, The Hermitage, is the largest in the world.



Page 216. " We would walk past the Winter Palace "

Housed in the former Imperial Winter Palace on the Neva River, The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is one of the world's greatest museums, with collections ranging from Impressionist paintings to Scythian Gold.

Further reading: The Hermitage: The Biography of a Great Museum by Geraldine Norman

Official Website of The Hermitage 


Page 217. " the field where van Gogh painted sunflowers "
Vase with 12 sunflowers
Public DomainVase with 12 sunflowers - Credit: Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was very fond of sunflowers...


Still life with four sunflowers
Public DomainStill life with four sunflowers - Credit: Vincent van Gogh


Page 217. " I could tell you the number of haystacks in the field "

Haystack. End of the Summer. Morning.
Public DomainHaystack. End of the Summer. Morning. - Credit: Claude Monet
In 1890 and 1891, Claude Monet (1840-1926) painted a series of 25 pictures of haystacks near his home town of Giverny, France. 

The paintings demonstrate the varying effects of light across different seasons and times of day.

Page 218. " No Seurat "
Model in Profile
Public DomainModel in Profile - Credit: Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat (1859-1891) was a French post-Impressionist painter and the founder of pointillism, a method of creating an image with small dots of paint.

He is best known for A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.



A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Public DomainA Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - Credit: Georges Seurat
Page 223. " Milou, it was called "

Tintin and Snowy/Milou
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTintin and Snowy/Milou - Credit: Handolio, Flickr
Milou is the name of comic strip hero Tintin's dog in the original French version of Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin.  Called Snowy in English translations, Tintin's loyal companion is a white wire fox terrier.