"Did you know that when Colonel Doniphan took Chihuahua City he inflicted over a thousand casualties on the enemy and lost only one man and him all but a suicide?"
Alexander William Doniphan (July 9, 1808 – August 8, 1887)
Public DomainAlexander William Doniphan (July 9, 1808 – August 8, 1887) - Credit: Library of Congress

Alexander William Doniphan was an American attorney, soldier and politician, who gained fame for his military leadership during the 1838 Mormon War and then later during the Mexican-American War.

During the war with Mexico, he led American troops to victory in the Battle of Sacramento, enabling the capture of the city of Chihuahua. Although Captain White is exaggerating the true extent of the Mexican casualties, it was nonetheless a remarkable victory. Despite the Americans being outnumbered by more than four to one in troops, and nearly two to one in artillery, Doniphan’s army lost only one dead and eleven wounded to the Mexican loss of 320 dead, 560 wounded and 72 prisoners.