"La gente dice que el coyote es un brujo. Muchas veces el brujo es un coyote."
Anthropomorphic Coyote trickster, from North American Indigenous mythology
Public DomainAnthropomorphic Coyote trickster, from North American Indigenous mythology - Credit: F. N. Wilson

'People say that the coyote is a witch/sorcerer. Many times the witch/sorcerer is a coyote.'


The brujo is a male witch associated with Hispanic and indigenous cultures of the Americas. They were considered accomplished shapeshifters, possessing the supernatural ability to transform themselves into various animals, including the coyote.

The coyote is especially common in stories told by southwestern Native American nations, such as the Dine and Apache, but myths also appear in dozens of other Native American tribes from Canada to Mexico. A deity whose name is translated into English as Coyote appears in various Native American, First Nations, and Aboriginal cultures, often appearing in stories as a trickster and/or culture hero.