"On a rise at the western edge of the playa they passed a crude wooden cross where Maricopas had crucified an Apache."
Pancho, a Maricopa Indian (1899)
Creative Commons AttributionPancho, a Maricopa Indian (1899) - Credit: BPL
Yellow Feather, a Maricopa woman (c. 1898-99)
Creative Commons AttributionYellow Feather, a Maricopa woman (c. 1898-99) - Credit: BPL

The Maricopa, or Piipaash, are a Native American tribe who formerly lived along the banks of the Colorado River.

In the 16th century, they migrated to the area around the Gila River, to avoid attacks by the Quechan and Mohave peoples. After epidemics took a toll on the tribe in the 1840s, the Maricopa formed a confederation with the Pima, and in 1857 they successfully defeated the Quechan and Mojave at Maricopa Wells.

Today, the Maricopa live alongside the Pima in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and Gila River Indian Community.