"When they reached the wells at Alamo Mucho the sun was low before them"
1850 illustration of the well at Alamo Mucho
Creative Commons Attribution1850 illustration of the well at Alamo Mucho - Credit: Rice Digital Scholarship Archive

Alamo Mucho was a small shallow lake basin, located among the sand dunes of Baja California, south of the Mexican-U.S. border.

It was one of a number of ephemeral sloughs made by the spring overflowing of the Colorado River. Following these annual flood events, water remained in these channels and formed small ponds and lakes, where water percolated into the soil. At such places wells could be sunk to obtain water, in the otherwise waterless desert, during the rest of the year.

It was an important source of water for the Butterfield Overland Mail company, who established the Alamo Mucho Station there before abandoning the line in 1861. Agricultural development and the canalizing of the Colorado River waters during the 20th century has since completely obscured the site of the station and well.