"of General Zuloaga"
Félix María Zuloaga Trillo (31 March 1813 – 11 February 1898)
Public DomainFélix María Zuloaga Trillo (31 March 1813 – 11 February 1898) - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Félix María Zuloaga Trillo was a Mexican general and a Conservative leader in the War of Reform.

He joined the Mexican Army as a National Guard Lieutenant in 1824, and saw service against the Apache on the northern frontier until 1837. He continued to serve in the Army through the riots of 1840 and the Yucatan insurgency of 1842-43, by which times he was a Lieutenant-Colonel.

During the Mexican War against the United States Zuloaga supervised the construction of the defenses of Monterey and Saltillo, and in 1847 he built the fortifications on the southern approaches to Mexico City. He retired in 1848 to Chihuahua.   

In 1853 Zuloaga was recalled to active service, promoted to the rank of Colonel, and named president of the Mexican Army’s perpetual court-martial. In the late 1850s and early 1860s, Zuloaga served as unconstitutional interim conservative president of Mexico (in opposition to the constitutional president, Benito Juárez of the Liberal Party).