"a carreta, lumbering clumsily over the plain, a small mule to draw it"
Carreta (c. 1864)
Public DomainCarreta (c. 1864) - Credit: Colección Carlos Vertanessian

A carreta is a wooden cart, which is usually pulled by mules or oxen.

The German doctor and traveller Adolphus Wislizenus offers this description of a carreta he encountered during the Mexican-American War:


Imagine to yourself a cart, made without any nails or iron of any kind, with two solid wheels formed out of the trunk of a big tree, and in the circumference rounded, or rather squared, and with a frame of ox-skin or sticks fastened together by rawhide, and this machine put in motion by three yokes of oxen, and carrying a load, which on a better vehicle one animal could transport much faster and easier, and you will have an idea of the primitive and only known vehicle used in Northern Mexico.

(Memoir of a Tour to Northern Mexico)