"sullen groups of Yaqui indians in loincloths"
Yaqui man (c. 1907)
Public DomainYaqui man (c. 1907) - Credit: Library of Congress
Yaqui woman (c. 1907)
Public DomainYaqui woman (c. 1907) - Credit: Library of Congress

The Yaqui, or Yoeme, are an indigenous tribe who originally lived in the valley of the Río Yaqui in Sonora. They numbered about 30,000 at the time of Spanish contact in 1533.

Fiercely independent, they successfully resisted Spanish efforts to subdue them, but their numbers were greatly reduced by subsequent wars with the Mexican government after Mexico won its independence from Spain.

As a result of these wars, a number of Yaqui now live in Arizona, though many continue to live in their original homeland.