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Page 16. " San Antonio de Bexar "
Map of San Antonio, Texas (1873)
Public DomainMap of San Antonio, Texas (1873) - Credit: Augustus Koch

San Antonio de Bexar was the former name of the city of San Antonio, Texas.

Early Spanish settlement of San Antonio began in 1718 with the establishment of the San Antonio de Valero Mission (now the Alamo) and the Presidio San Antonio de Béxar (named after the city in Spain). San Antonio grew to become the largest Spanish settlement in Texas, and for most of its history, the capital of the Spanish, later Mexican,  province of Tejas.

It played a significant role during the Texas Revolution when Mexican President Santa Anna's army massacred a contingent of Texians who had occupied the city’s Alamo mission. In 1845, the United States annexed Texas and included it as a state in the Union. This led to the Mexican-American War, which had a devastating effect on San Antonio, reducing the population by almost two thirds to only 800 inhabitants. By 1860, though, San Antonio had grown to a city of 15,000 people. Today, it is the seventh-largest city in the U.S. with a population of 1.33 million.