"Un Agitado/Ehecatl, The Wind"


Part 2 of Borderlands/La Frontera is named after Ehecatl, the god of winds in pre-Columbian Mexican mythology.  Ehecatl was often represented as an aspect of Quetzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent."  This image (from the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican manuscript called the Codex Borgia) shows Quetzalcoatl as Ehecatl.

Part 2 is made up of thirty-eight poems, divided into six sections.  Ten poems are in Spanish without translation, two are presented both in Spanish and in Anzaldúa's own translation.  In the English poems, key Spanish words and phrases are translated in notes.  Each section has one or more unifying themes that echo through the poems, and many of the poems share imagery with the essays in Part 1.

Gloria Anzaldúa specifically wanted readers to experience her writing directly, not through translations, explanations, or interpretations.  The Bookmarks for Part 1 offered amplifications and examples for the many references in those chapters--which is appropriate for the conceptual part of the book.  But it would not be appropriate to provide glosses for the poetry.  Each poem is meant to create its own world, in a private conversation with each reader . . .