"my altar on top of the monitor"
Home Altar (San Antonio, 1939)
Public DomainHome Altar (San Antonio, 1939)

According to an informative article on Home Altars in the Handbook of Texas Online, "The Mexican-American 'altarista' tradition . . . is linked to the history of altar-making by women, which is evident in the archeological record of pre-Columbian Mexico, Spain, and the Mediterranean."  This photo from 1939 (taken near San Antonio, Texas, by documentary photographer Russell Lee) illustrates the practice in a simple home.

Anzaldúa considered the making of altars a vital part of her spiritual and creative practice.  Many of the objects--such as figurines, masks, rattles, and candles--that she used in these altars are contained in the Gloria Anzaldua Altares Collection.