"Not more than half a dozen people in the whole Centre had ever been inside a Savage Reservation."

A Savage Reservation is later described in Brave New World as a place which, owing to unfavourable climatic or geological conditions, or poverty of natural resources, has not been worth the expense of civilizing. These places are not modernized, but left to practice their traditional ways and values with minimal outside interference.

Savage Reservations resemble the Indian Reservations found in America today, which help preserve traditional Native American culture. Click here for a list of Indian Reservations.

The Zuni tribe is real, living in a reservation in New Mexico. Follow this link to see pictures of the reservation and to find out more about the Zuni.

Zuni Reservation in New Mexico in 1879
Public DomainZuni Reservation in New Mexico in 1879 - Credit: John K. Hillers