"Their black hair was braided with fox fur and red flannel."
Drawing of a Breechcloth
GNU Free Documentation LicenseDrawing of a Breechcloth - Credit: Aaron of Mpls/Wikimedia Commons

Originally, Zuni men did not wear much besides breechcloths (a garment used to cover the loins) or short kilts. These would be made from cloth, deer-skin or animal furs. Leggings made from soft leather might also be worn to protect their legs. They liked to keep their hair shoulder-length, and wore cloth headbands around their foreheads.

A Zuni Woman
Public DomainA Zuni Woman - Credit: Henry F. Farny

Zuni women wore mantas (a knee-length cotton dress). This would be fastened at the right shoulder, leaving the left shoulder bare. They wore their hair long and loose. When Christian missionaries came, however, this dress style was considered immodest, so Zuni women began wearing shifts (a loose-fitting undergarment) underneath their mantas.

A Breechcloth
Public DomainA Breechcloth - Credit: National Parks Service

Both men and women wore deerskin moccasins (a soft leather slipper or shoe).

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