"'Oh, Ford!' he said in another tone, 'I've gone and woken the children.'"
Henry Ford
Public DomainHenry Ford - Credit: Library of Congress

The name of Ford is used in place of God (e.g. Our God or Our Lord becomes Our Ford). Years are marked A.F. (After Ford), resembling B.C. (Before Christ).

Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company and inventor of the assembly line, used for mass production. His most famous vehicle was the Model T automobile, which revolutionised transportation. The assembly line made it possible to mass produce inexpensive automobiles that were affordable to the average person. This has led to our current consumerist society built around mass produced, low-cost items.

Ford is also famous for paying a wage of $5 per day (double the pay of an average worker). This attracted many qualified workers and kept his assembly lines moving. It also meant that his workers could afford to buy his products, creating a circular economy. The working week was reduced from 48 hours to 40. Ford's philosophy was that consumerism was the key to peace.



In Brave New World, Henry Ford has become something of a god because his assembly line helped create the principles on which the new world is built: mass production, predictability, homogeneity, and consumption of disposable consumer goods.

Ford cars on an assembly line
Public DomainFord cars on an assembly line - Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Our own consumerist society - fuelled by mass produced and affordable products
Creative Commons AttributionOur own consumerist society - fuelled by mass produced and affordable products - Credit: Jonathan McIntosh/Wikimedia Commons