"'It is finished,' said old Matsima in a loud voice. 'They are married.'"

In Zuni religion, marriage is seen as a stage of life, alongside Birth, Coming of Age and Death. Traditionally, the wedding ceremony takes place at night in the bride's house. On the day of the wedding, the groom and his family will arrive at the house where the wedding is to take place. The bride will come in carrying a wedding basket half full of white or blue corn mush. An elder (or a medicine man) will follow carrying a water jug. The elder will pour the water onto the groom's hands, and then the bride will also wash her hands: the significance of this is to clean the body, mind and spirit.

The elder then blesses the basket of mush by sprinkling corn pollen from four directions, symbolising union with the universe. The bride and groom eat the corn mush with their hands to signify two people united in spiritual matrimony. Finally, a traditional meal is served, and greetings, advice and gifts are given.

Here is a video of a couple getting married in the Native American way: