"(for all the time he was seeing himself as Romeo and Lenina as Juliet)"
Romeo and Juliet, Ford Madox Brown, 1870
Public DomainRomeo and Juliet, Ford Madox Brown, 1870 - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

John uses Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to compare his feelings for Lenina with Romeo's for Juliet. In some ways, their relationship does resemble that of Romeo and Juliet: the two fall in love at first sight; like Romeo, John feels unworthy of his love's beauty; John and Lenina are from different worlds, as Romeo and Juliet are from different families. In both, their love is doomed. The comparison to Romeo and Juliet foreshadows the end of the book. In Shakespeare's play, Romeo commits suicide, believing Juliet to be dead. In Brave New World...

Romeo and Juliet, Act Five - in which the couple die.