"and where was Odysseus, where was Job, where were Jupiter and Gotama and Jesus?"
Public DomainJupiter - Credit: Dodo/Wikimedia Commons

 Odysseus was a Greek hero who famously took ten years to find his way home from the Trojan War, fighting through many adventures along the way before finally returning to his beloved wife and son. His exploits formed the epic poem The Odyssey, composed by the ancient Greek bard Homer. Read more about The Odyssey on Book Drum. Jupiter was the king of the Roman pantheon of gods, the equivalent of the ancient Greek god Zeus.

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBudhha - Credit: Tevaprapas/Wikimedia Commons

  Job is an important figure from Hebrew scriptures, and the central character of the Book of Job. Satan destroys Job’s wealth, children and health in order to tempt him into cursing God. However, despite his difficulties, Job never loses faith. God rewards Job by restoring his wealth and happiness, and allowing him to live for another 140 years.

Gotama Buddha was a spiritual leader in India and the founder of Buddhism.