"Her eyes, her hair, her cheeks, her gait, her voice; Handlest in thy discourse, O!"
Troilus and Cressida
Public DomainTroilus and Cressida - Credit: wikimedia commons

A quote from Shakespeare’s tragedy Troilus and Cressida:



I tell thee I am mad

In Cressid's love: thou answer'st 'she is fair;'

Pour'st in the open ulcer of my heart

Her eyes, her hair, her cheek, her gait, her voice,

Handlest in thy discourse, O, that her hand,

In whose comparison all whites are ink,

Writing their own reproach, to whose soft seizure

The cygnet's down is harsh and spirit of sense

Hard as the palm of ploughman: this thou tell'st me,

As true thou tell'st me, when I say I love her;


Act I, Scene 1.