the creator of the world, according to Zuni belief
Bokanovsky Process
The creation of a number of identical twins (between eighty to ninety) from one fertilized egg
the types of beings; there are five: [higher caste] Alphas, Betas and [lower caste] Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons
Centrifugal Bumble-puppy
an advanced, futuristic game resembling today's tetherball, played by children. The players group around a tower; the ball is thrown up to the roof of the tower; it falls down onto a revolving disk, hurls through an aperture in cylindrical casing, which then has to be caught by a player.
Corpus Luteum
a temporary system of glands that develops in the ovary. If the egg is fertilised it releases hormones that will thicken the lining of the uterus, which is essential for maintaining pregnancy
Decanting Process
decanting basically means 'to pour out'. This process is the pouring out of embryos from their bottles
creating an embryo outside of the female body through artificial means
Electro-magnetic Golf/Tennis
the futuristic form of the sport. It contains electric and magnetic fields
a film that allows the audience to experience the same physical sensations as its characters
a female embryo injected with male sex-hormone to become neutral, sterile
the sleep-teaching of moral and social conditioning
Malthusian Belt
a clothing belt worn by females that contains a supply of contraceptives
Malthusian Drill
a drill that ensures proper contraceptive precautions are taken
a colourless liquor made from the maguey plant
post-decanted child conditioning.
an orgy, normally carried out in a solidarity service
a spineless, dome-shaped cactus native to Mexico and Southwest America
Podsnap's technique
the technique of ripening all the eggs in the ovary at once so that thousands of embryos can be made within two years
the Zuni God of war
Pregnancy Substitute
different substances taken that mimic the hormonal effects of pregnancy
Savage Reservation
A place that has not been worth the expense of civilizing due to unfavourable climate, geological conditions or poverty of natural resources
an object which releases scents and sounds
a fictional saxophone that creates sexual sensations
Social Predestination Room
the room in which the decanted embryos begin their conditioning according to their caste
Solidarity Service
like a Christian mass, in which a group of believers get together, sing hymns, worship and connect with one another through showing devotion to Ford
a dream-inducing drug. It deters bad feelings and brings calm and happiness.
a mature sperm cell
Stereoscopic feely
meaning that the feely is three-dimensional (3D)
the artificial production of human speech
Violent Passion Surrogate. Simulated passion, fear and rage, causing a flood of adrenaline.
Vibro-vacuum machine
a massaging machine used to keep clean and relax
a female undergarment that can be shucked by the single zipper to reveal the whole body
one of the puebloan tribes of north america