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Page 41. " Chinatown? "
Pell Street, looking west towards Doyer and Mott
GNU Free Documentation LicensePell Street, looking west towards Doyer and Mott - Credit: chensiyuan

Chinatown, Manhattan, is home to the largest enclave of Chinese people in the Western hemisphere, and is one of the oldest ethnic Chinese enclaves outside Asia.  It’s one of seven Chinatown neighborhoods in New York City. 

The first Chinese person credited as having permanently immigrated to Chinatown was Ah Ken, a Cantonese businessman, who arrived around 1858.  He opened a Park Row cigar shop, around which Chinatown developed, centred on Mott, Park, Pell, and Doyers Streets.  By 1870 there was a Chinese population of 200, rising to 2,000 by 1882, and 7,000 by 1900.  Today, Chinatown has a population of 90-100,000 people. 


Mott Street
Public DomainMott Street - Credit: Derek Jensen