"Gallipoli, Balaclava, Quebec, Lepanto"
The Battle of Lepanto by Murano
Public DomainThe Battle of Lepanto by Murano - Credit: Murano

Gallipoli (sometimes known as the Dardanelles Campaign) is the name given to a series of First World War battles which took place in Turkey during 1915 and 1916;

Balaclava is the name given to a battle of the Crimean War fought on St. Crispin's Day (as was the battle of Agincourt) in 1854;

The Battle of Quebec is the name given to several different military campaigns, including two battles fought between French and British soldiers during the Seven Years War. These two battles are also known as the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (1759), and the Battle of Sainte-Foy (1760).

It is also the name of a battle fought between British and American forces in 1775 during the American War of Independence;

Lepanto is the name given to a naval battle fought in 1571 between the forces of the Holy League (a coalition of various European groups) and those of the Ottoman Empire.