"a screen, painted by Roger Fry with a Provencal landscape, which I had bought inexpensively when the Omega workshops were sold up"
Roger Fry - self portrait
Public DomainRoger Fry - self portrait - Credit: Roger Fry
Furniture designed by Roger Fry for the Omega workshops
GNU Free Documentation LicenseFurniture designed by Roger Fry for the Omega workshops - Credit: Roger Fry, Wikimedia Commons

Roger Eliot Fry (1866-1934) was an English art critic and artist who coined the term Post-Impressionism.

In 1913 he founded the Omega Workshops whose purpose was to invigorate the world of design with post-impressionistic concepts of colour and proportion. The workshops closed down in 1919.

He was an important member of the Bloomsbury group, and painted portraits of  others in the group, including Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell.