"a byeword of iniquity from Cherwell Edge to Somerville"
Somerville College, Oxford
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSomerville College, Oxford - Credit: Philip Allfrey, Wikimedia Commons
Linacre College (formerly Cherwell Edge)
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLinacre College (formerly Cherwell Edge) - Credit: Kaihsu, Wikimedia Commons

Cherwell Edge, built in 1887 as a private house, became a hostel for female Catholic students of Oxford University in 1907.

It appears also to have been used to house the students of St. Anne's College, possibly during the 1940s.

It is now Linacre College, a graduate-only institution.

Somerville College was founded in 1879 as an all-female college but amended its rules in 1992 so that male teaching staff and male undergraduate students could be admitted.

Charles Ryder is, therefore, suggesting that Anthony Blanche was a byeword for iniquity* amongst female students.

* a notable example of wickedness