"And that Reinhardt nun, my dear, has destroyed him"
Lady Diana Cooper (c.1920)
Public DomainLady Diana Cooper (c.1920) - Credit: unknown
Max Reinhardt (1911)
Public DomainMax Reinhardt (1911) - Credit: Nicola Perscheid (1864-1930)

The Reinhardt nun is a reference to a character in a play entitled Das Mirakel (The Miracle), co-written by Karl Vollmöller and Max Reinhardt.   

In the play, a nun runs away from her convent with a knight, and has several adventures which lead to her being accused of witchcraft. Meanwhile, the statue of the Virgin Mary in the convent chapel comes alive and takes her place.

The Miracle was produced on the London stage and on Broadway in 1924; it was produced again in London in 1932. 

Lady Diana Cooper, a friend of Evelyn Waugh, appeared in both the New York and the London productions, in 1924 and 1932. On first viewing the 1932 production, Waugh is reputed to have said, "it is as full of blasphemy as an egg is full of meat." However, this did not stop him going on tour with the play, as company for Lady Diana, with whom he had something of an infatuation.