"on their way to St Barnabas, St Columba, St Aloysius, St Mary's, Pusey House, Blackfriars"
St. Aloysius, Oxford
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSt. Aloysius, Oxford - Credit: Kaihsu Tai, Wikimedia Commons
St Mary's Church, Oxford
GNU Free Documentation LicenseSt Mary's Church, Oxford - Credit: Alf, Wikimedia Commons

All these places of worship are located in the city of Oxford, They represent a range of denominations:

St. Columba's roots are in the Protestant tradition; St. Aloysius, Blackfriars, and Pusey House are Catholic places of worship; St. Barnabas and St. Mary's have traditionally been in the Anglo-Catholic tradition.

John Henry Newman and John Keble, prominent figures in the Oxford Movement (which sought to introduce a more Catholic form of worship into the Anglican Church during the 19th century), have strong associations with St. Mary's.