"'Bellini,' I answered rather wildly. "
Portrait of Doge Giovanni Mocenigo
Public DomainPortrait of Doge Giovanni Mocenigo - Credit: Gentile Bellini
Madonna and Child
Public DomainMadonna and Child - Credit: Jacopo Bellini

Bellini is the surname of three important Venetian painters: Jacopo Bellini (1400-1470) and his two sons, Gentile Bellini (1429-1507) and Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516).

Jacopo was responsible for introducing the Florentine style of early Renaissance painting to Venice;

Gentile is best known for his work as official portrait painter of the Doges of Venice*;

Giovanni further developed his father's innovative techniques and was to become the most famous member of the family.

*the chief magistrates and community leaders of the Venetian republic.


Portrait of Raffaele Zovenzoni
Public DomainPortrait of Raffaele Zovenzoni - Credit: Giovanni Bellini