"and was on easy terms with 'Max.' and 'F.E.'"
Bust of Lord Beaverbrook in Newcastle, New Brunswick
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBust of Lord Beaverbrook in Newcastle, New Brunswick - Credit: Lesfreck, Wikimedia Commons
Caricature of F.E. Smith (1906/7)
Public DomainCaricature of F.E. Smith (1906/7) - Credit: Leslie Ward

William Maxwell (Max) Aitken (1879-1964), better known as Lord Beaverbrook, was a Canadian-born business man who settled in Britain in 1910.

He subsequently bought a number of British newspapers, including the London Evening Standard, the Sunday Express and the Daily Express.

Evelyn Waugh satirised him in several novels: in the guise of Lord Copper in Scoop; and as Lord Monomark in Vile Bodies and Put out more Flags.


Frederick Edwin Smith (1872-1930), 1st Earl of Birkenhead, was a British lawyer and politician. He is particularly remembered for his colourful lifestyle, and for being a close personal friend of Sir Winston Churchill.