"not, as she expected, from a tray at Cartiers, but in a back room in Hatton Garden"

S.A. Cartier is a French jewellery and watch-making business, established in Paris in 1847. By the early years of the 20th Century, branches of Cartier's had opened in London, New York and St. Petersburg.

Today, Cartier's can be found on Bond Street and Sloane Street in London. They sell a range of jewellery, watches, perfume and leather goods.


Hatton Garden is the name of both a street and an area in Holborn, London. It is the centre of the London jewellery trade, being the location of almost 300 jewellery-related businesses, and more than 55 jewellers' shops.  Though they deal in very expensive stones, they lack the glamour of the branded jewellers of Mayfair and Knightsbridge.


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