"muscat grapes and cantaloup"
Black muscat grapes
Creative Commons AttributionBlack muscat grapes - Credit: KetaiBlogger, Flickr
Cantaloupe melons
Public DomainCantaloupe melons - Credit: USDA/Scott Bauer, Wikimedia Commons

To Waugh, writing during WW2 when fresh fruit was scarce in Britain, the idea of such exotic fruits would, no doubt, have been extremely attractive.

Such produce would also have been seen as extremely exotic by most contemporary readers, as very little foreign or out-of-season fruit was stocked by the average British greengrocer.

Muscat grapes (available in both green and black varieties) are sweet grapes with a flavour sometimes described as 'flowery', sometimes as 'musky'.

A cantaloup (or cantaloupe) is an orange-fleshed melon.