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Page 297. " The corner of a hothouse at T-t-rent or T-t-tring? "

Trent is Trent Park, a mansion house in Enfield, Middlesex, which in the 1930s belonged to Sir Phillip Sassoon. Today, Trent Park is the campus of Middlesex University.


Trent Park House, Enfield, Middlesex (2010)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTrent Park House, Enfield, Middlesex (2010) - Credit: Christine Matthews






Tring Park Mansion is a country house in Tring in Hertfordshire. It was purchased by Baron Lionel de Rothschild in 1872, and in 1889 its grounds became the site of the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum. The private museum was a 21st birthday present to Baron de Rothschild's grandson Walter who had a passion for Zoology.

Today, the mansion is home to The Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, and parts of the surrounding parkland are open to the public, and managed by the Woodland Trust.


Tring Park Mansion (2009)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeTring Park Mansion (2009) - Credit: Ian Petticrew